Sunday, 4 January 2009

Revisiting Canna indica var. indica L.

A medium sized species; green foliage, oblong shaped, spreading habit; triangular stems, coloured green; spikes of flowers are erect, self-coloured red, staminodes are long and narrow, edges regular, petals red, partial self-cleaning; fertile both ways, self-pollinating and also true to type, capsules globose; rhizomes are thick, up to 3 cm in diameter, coloured purple; tillering is prolific. Introduced by Carl Linnaeus, abbreviated to L.

Synonyms: C. annaei, C. aurantiaca Roscoe, C. barbadica Bouché, C. bidentata Bertol, C. bifida Roem. & Schult., C. 'Brazillian', C. 'Caribbean', C. carnea Roscoe, C. cearensis Huber., C. chinensis Willd., C. Chinese, C. cinnabarina Bouché, C. coccinea var. bicolor Kraenzl., C. commutata Bouché, C. compacta Bouché, C. concinna Bouché, C. crocea Lag. ex Rchb., C. crocea Roem. & Schult., C. densifolia Bouché, C. edulis Ker Gawl., C. ehrenbergii Bouché, C. ellipticifolia Stokes, C. esculenta Loudon, C. exigua Bouché, C. flavescens Link, C. floribunda Bouché, C. formosa Bouché, C. fulgida Bouché, C. grandiflora, C. heliconiifolia Bouché, C. heliconiifolia var. xalapensis (Horan.) Kraenzl., C. 'Indian reed flower', C. 'Indian shot plant', C. indica, C. indica limbata, C. indica lutea, C. indica orientalis, C. indica var. edwardsii Regel., C. indica var. flava (Roscoe) Baker, C. indica var. lutea (Mill.) Aiton, C. indica var. napalensis Wall. ex Bouché, C. indica var. orientalis (Roscoe ex Baker), C. indica var. rubra (Aiton), C. juncea Retz., C. laeta Bouché, C. lagunensis Lindl., C. lambertii Lindl., C. leptochila Bouché, C. lutea Larrañaga, C. lutea Mill., C. lutea var. aurantiaca Regel, C. lutea var. genuina Kraenzl., C. lutea var. pallida Kraenzl., C. maculata (Hook) Link., C. maxima Lodd. ex Roscoe, C. moritziana Bouché, C. napalensis Wall. ex Bouché, C. occidentalis Roscoe, C. orientalis Bouché, C. orientalis f. 'flavaRoscoe', C. pallida Roscoe, C. poeppigii Bouché, C. polymorpha Lodd. ex Loudon, C. portoricensis Bouché, C. pulchra Bouché ex Horan., C. pulchra Hassk., C. rubra (Aiton) Willd., C. rubricaulis Link, C. sanguinea Bouché, C. sanguinea Warsz. ex Otto & A.Dietr., C. saturate-rubra Bouché ex K.Koch, C. seleriana (Kraenzl.), C. sellowii Bouché, C. spectabilis Bouché, C. sulphurea Bouché, C. surinamensis Bouché, C. tenuiflora Bouché, C. textoria Noronha, C. thyrsiflora Hegetschw., C. tinei Tod., C. Tous-les-mois, C. variegata Besser, C. variegata Bouché, C. ventricosa Bouché, C. warszewiczii var. flameus Ram. Goyena, C. xalapensis Horan., C. variegatifolia Ciciar

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