Saturday, 3 January 2009

Missed the solstice!

The winter solstice occurs at the instant when the Sun's position in the sky is at its greatest angular distance on the other side of the equatorial plane from the observer. Depending on the shift of the calendar, the event of the winter solstice occurs some time between December 20 and December 23 each year in the northern hemisphere, and between June 20 and June 23 in the southern hemisphere, during either the shortest day or the longest night of the year.

Anyway, I took my eye away for a moment and I missed the solstice. Those who read this blog regularly will know that I am always keen to know when the shortest day has arrived, so that I can start looking forward to Spring and Summer once again. It's all mental mind-play to save the winter blues taking over.

Although I missed it, it has definitely arrived and our days will now start getting longer! Yippee!

I have today finished moving all the cleaned and cut for-sale rhizomes into "flat" trays filled with peat compost, and moved them all into a shed with frost protection. This also makes me feel contented that the worst of the winter work is over and now we can relax a little until the time arrives in about two weeks time to start planting seeds!

Unfortunately, last winter we had two electricity cuts, which destroyed that year's crop!
This year we have installed paraffin heaters to provide the main heating, supplemented by the fan heaters with frost controls. There are 105 trays for sale this year, but some only have a handful of rhizomes available, whilst the more vigorous, like Canna 'Musifolia Grande', have hundreds of rhizomes for resale.

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