Tuesday, 9 September 2008

NOT AGAIN! More summer floods at Worcester

Once again the heavens opened, and it rained, and it rained, and it rained! The Cannas are standing there looking sorry for themselves and when I inspected them on Sunday I felt like crying.

The ground was totally saturated, it could not hold anymore water, OK, in mid-winter that is understandable, but our Cannas are stood in cold, standing water with no oxygen getting to the roots at the back-end of the summer. Maybe those with aquatic parentage won't object too much, but those that are predominantly Canna indica won't be happy!

Every single plant in the collection had some poor foliage, not a single flower had escaped the steady, unremitting rain with them all hanging down like rags, in tatters, with some even shredded.

It will takes days to groom the collection again, removing poor foliage and flowers, and thinning out down below to allow adequat air-flow.

Up to today, we have not harvested a single Canna seed, whereas, normally we would have piles of envelopes everywhere.

Such are the travails of those of us who enjoy growing tropical and sub-tropical plants in England.

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