Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hurricane Hanna to hit UK

The tail-end of a hurricane is set to batter Britain after a killer storm at the weekend claimed eight lives and caused millions of pounds of damage.

Howling gales and a month’s worth of rain lashed the country in just 48 hours, but last night Met Office experts warned that after a short respite worse is to come.
The remnants of Hurricane Hanna, blowing in from across the Atlantic, is expected to hit Britain on Thursday.

More than 100 flood warnings are already in place across the country and forecasters fear the next belt of torrential rain and high winds will leave even more areas under water – costing many more householders their homes.

The destructive power of the storm at the weekend brought widespread carnage, particularly to the South-west, North-west and the North-east of the country.

But more, perhaps worse, is to come for thousands as the storm which began thousands of miles away as Hurricane Hanna hits the UK.

But with many areas of the country already under water, further torrential rain is expected to cause chaos for the emergency services as flooding spreads.

At its height, Hanna caused widespread destruction, particularly in Haiti where more than than 500 people were killed in floods triggered by torrential rain.

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