Friday, 18 January 2008

Claines Canna Catalogue for 2008

The 2008 Catalogue for Claines Canna is available on their web site for download as a pdf file. If you have a slow download, then write for a free CD instead.

The Claines Canna new releases for 2008 have been registered with the KAVB, and the plants that are available for sale have been recorded with the RHS Plantfinder Guide for 2008.

We can all only hope for a good growing year in 2008.

We will not be selling dry rhizomes this spring, as we cannot be sure which plants were suffering as a result of the stress caused by last summers weather conditions, and those that may have virus.

So, we have to get the collection back into shape again after the most fearful weather attack in the last 150 years. Then, we may be selling growing plants from May onwards. Sorry if its inconvenient, but we have no alternative, as we do not believe that anybody should be selling Canna knowingly infected by Canna virus.

We will report here on the blog how we progress.

Claines Canna web site

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