Friday, 18 January 2008

And the heavens opened again

The River Severn in Worcestershire, England has broken its banks again, and another few weeks of rain are forecast. The soils in the areas not flooded have also reached their limits for absorbing water, and everything that comes down from the heavens is now run-off water.

Rivers, streams, drains, gulley's and ditches are not dredged or cleaned anymore, so we face many weeks of flooding, flash-floods and general chaos.

As the county braces itself for more rain and floodwater continues to rise across Worcestershire, many families are facing devastation for the second time in just months.

Hundreds of Worcestershire families are still living in caravans or temporary accommodation since floodwater devastated their homes in July.

With more bad weather predicted, the Environment Agency has warned that river levels are yet to peak, urging people to be vigilant and move valuables upstairs and vehicles on to higher ground.

But for some they can only watch as the water once again laps towards their newly-decorated homes.

At this time of the year, I would normally be making preparations for the coming Canna season, but that is totally out of the question for the time-being.

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