Thursday, 1 November 2007

Cannas on show, 1892

Garden and forest. / Volume 5, Issue 248. [November 23, 1892, 553-564]

The Cincinnati Chrysanthemum Show.

A MOST delightful exhibition opened in this city on November 8th, and continued throughout the week. Music Hall, one of the grandest auditoriums in the west, was tastefully decorated for the display of cut flowers, which were arranged on large tables nicely draped in yellow, the predominant color, and which made a pleasant setting for the tall crystal vases, which were large and heavy enough to display to their very best advantage the truly regal specimen blooms sent in by the numerous exhibitors, who had been attracted by an unusually liberal premium list.


Four magnificent groups of Cannas, composed of fifty plants or clumps each, made a blaze of color against the dark gray wall. The McFadden group was almost exclusively Madame Crozy; E. G. Hill's group contained some ten of the latest Crozy novelties; very conspicuous were J. D. Cabos, A. Bouvier, H. A. Dreer, Miss Sarah Hill, F. Thorayer, Capitaine Suzzoni, Duchess Mortemarte and Nardy Pere. These won the very liberal premium of $I50, the McFadden group taking second. The other two groups had been injured in transit; but a point to note on Canna exhibits is that the blooms improve each day of the show, as the buds unfold and replace the fragile beauties, which are always injured more or less, despite the most careful packing.


Interesting that Cannas were being shown at a flower show. The blooms are so fragile that it has never dawned on me to show them. Observations of anybody who has done so would be appreciated...

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  1. Perhaps we could get flower show organisers to make classes for Cannas again