Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Canna 'Temptation'

A tall Crozy Group cultivar; green and purple variegated foliage, large, oval shaped, branching habit; spikes of flowers are open, orange-red and yellow, staminodes are large, edges irregular, petals purple with farina, good bloomer; fertile both ways, not self-pollinating or true to type, capsules globose; rhizomes are thick, up to 3 cm in diameter, coloured purple; tillering is prolific.
Introduced by Bernard Yorke, Queensland, Australia in 2009. The colour combinations in the flowers are quite unique, in that there is yellow spotting and shading irregularly placed over the hot orange-red blooms.
Bernard was quoted as saying that "I have been hybridizing for some time but this is the first time I have developed this form of spotting. Unfortunately I cannot name the pollen parent, the seed parent being one of my earlier reds, presently unnamed."
"Most of the other forms of spotting I have developed have been red and purple spotting over cream or yellow. To my mind, this is an unusual combination. In just one year, it has grown quite easily into quite a few clumps."

Bernard Yorke Cannas


  1. I think that this is one of the most beautiful flowers that I have ever seen.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree, our congratulations to Bernard Yorke for creating this beauty.