Monday, 23 August 2010

Canna 'Rosebud Cream'

News of a new variety from the Canna Biz of Bernard Yorke in Australia.
A tall grower with masses of giant green foliage, very large tubers one and a half inches in diameter, stems are thick as well to over one inch. The plant grows to nearly two metres with very large heads of tightly clustered cupped, cream blooms of a small size, the average bloom being about 2inches wide. Mature heads of blooms resemble an arranged posy of blooms.
Bernard Yorke, the breeder of this new, exciting variety is quoted as stating, "The parentage is C. 'Red Stripe' x C. 'Bengal Tiger' (aka Pretoria). It appears to set seed and have viable pollen. Whilst we are often aiming to achieve large blooms, sometimes smaller blooms can still make an impact in ones collection."

In a future blog, we will be discussing Canna 'Red Stripe'.

Cannas by Bernard Yorke

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