Thursday, 19 August 2010

Canna "Rosamond Cole"

A medium sized Crozy Group cultivar; green foliage, oval shaped, spreading habit; panicles of flowers are red with a yellow margin, staminodes are large, edges irregular, not self-cleaning, average bloomer; seed is sterile, pollen is fertile; rhizomes are thick, up to 3 cm in diameter, coloured white and purple; tillering is average.

Synonyms are legion, amongst them are: C. 'Rosamond Coles', C. 'Rosamund Cole', C. 'Rosamund Coles', C. 'Rose mon cole', C. 'Rosemond Cole', C. 'Rosemond Coles', C. 'Rosemund Cole'

The earliest reference that we can trace is Montgomery Ward, USA, Catalogue 1949. Looking at the image, it is obvious from the size of the lip (labellum) that this is an Italian Group cultivar. So many imposters have been presented to us that are obviously Crozy Group, and it is time that we weeded out these obvious wrong ones.

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  1. I believe this has now been found in Thailand, Alice has one given to her from M Shepard, which came from Thailand... Just a thought.