Thursday, 10 June 2010

Canna 'Momma Wanda'

Released in 2005 by Mr Brian Williams, the well known Canna hybridizer from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, was Canna 'Momma Wanda'.

Brian confided that "This canna was named after my mother, Wanda. The flowers look much different than most cannas. The flowers have round shaped petals with an orange-pink flower, set of by an exotic, speckled, yellow center."
My own comment is that this is a perplexing cultivar; it has the large, pronounced male stamen of the Italian Group, but the lip is smaller than the staminodes, just like a Crozy Group cultivar. Italso complies with the requirements of the Premier Group, having a full, circular flower without gaps between staminodes. My own guess would be that this is a triploid, and is infertile.

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