Friday, 14 May 2010

Weather Watch: Is this the breakthrough?

Warm weather is set to make a surprise return to many parts of Britain this weekend as the country finally shakes off more than two weeks of Arctic winds. This looks like the moment to start moving the Cannas outside to start growing in more natural conditions than in the poly-tunnels, with the ever-present threat of red spider mite, and aphids.
Waiting for last and this years seedlings to appear and be fitted to the automatic feeding system at Claines Canna
Temperatures are expected to rise significantly over Saturday and Sunday, peaking at 68F (20C) in London and the south east on Monday. The rest of the country will also bask in sunshine with temperatures in the early and mid sixties widely expected right through until Tuesday.
Bitterly cold winds from the north in recent days have brought unusually low temperatures for this time time of year. Last weekend parts of Scotland saw overnight temperatures plummet as low as 21.2F (-6C) when the average low May is 35.6F (2C).
Day time highs, meanwhile, have barely reached 50F (10C) in many parts of England and Wales during the past week. It had been thought the cold weather would last until well into next week.
But now Met Office forecasters predict that a shift in wind direction this weekend, with warmer breezes coming from the Atlantic and south west, will bring warmer temperatures.

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