Friday, 16 October 2009

Canna 'Annei Rosea'

A tall Foliage Group cultivar; dark green foliage, very large, lanceolate shaped, maroon margin, upright habit; round stems; spikes of flowers are open, self-coloured carmine-rose, staminodes are narrow, edges irregular, petals red, not self-cleaning, late bloomer, blooms open in the evening; seed is sterile, pollen is fertile; rhizomes are long and thin, coloured pink and purple; tillering is prolific. 

Introduced by E. Chaté et fils, route de Charenton, 143, Berey, France, EU.. The flowers are few and late, and this is primarily a foliage plant, averaging leaves about 2 ft. 4 ins long.  The breeding is an unknown seed parent x Canna 'Annei'


  1. know that you have obtained many legacy specimens from France, but where did you dig this one up from?

  2. I don't normally divulge our contacts, as we are avid, enthusiastic, jelous collectors. However, I can state that there are many countries on the Black Sea that have a hundred+ year tradition of Cannas. Go and check it out for yourself, that is what we have done.