Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Aminopyralid Petition

Some of you may still not be aware that it has been proposed to relicense the herbicide "aminopyralid", which has been the cause of most cases of contaminated manure. 

There is a petition to the PM, which closes on the 23rd Oct 2009, to try and prevent this happening at petitions.number10.g...

If you have not signed the petition so far, can I suggest that you take the time to do so now, to prevent others being adversely affected by contaminated manure. Once you have sent off your petition, remember that you should get a confirmation e-mail, in which you have to click on the link, to finally register your petition.
The petition reads:
A hormone weed killer (Aminopyralid) used on grassland was taken up by grazing animals and remained in manure which, when applied to the land, caused the failure of a wide range of crops including beans, peas, potatoes and tomatoes, soft fruits and flowers. 
Aminopyralid attaches itself to organic matter and the length of time it takes to beak down completely is as yet unknown.
The potential for contamination by aminopyralid and clopyralid is causing growers to lose confidence in peat free composts. 
Due to the occurrence of patches of contamination in organic matter it is extremely difficult if not impossible to ensure an uncontaminated end product. 
A receiver of contaminated material is landed with a problem of disposing of toxic waste. 
After widespread protests it was withdrawn in August 2008 but an application has been made for its reinstatement. 
We believe that, even taking into account improved stewardship, the use of this chemical cannot be adequately controlled."

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