Sunday, 6 September 2009

New introduction for 2010?

At Claines Canna we reduced the number of new seedlings we grew out this year, but we have still been pleased with the quality of what we have grown.

One that has really caught the eye is one with the elusive leopard spot markings, similar to one introduced by Raphaël Roger from Belgium last year. I must confess that immediately I saw a picture of that one I started making likely crosses to try and emulate that one. Amazingly we saw this youngster appear this year, it has a golden yellow base and strong red markings. Its parentage is Canna 'Florence Vaughan' (the real Crozy one) as the seed parent crossed with C. 'Souvenir de Madame Nardy' as the pollen parent. Altogether we made twelve different crosses and this year grew out 40 new seedlings, but only one has given us what we were looking for.

The seedling has strong green foliage and has grown about 60 cm (2ft) tall this first year, confined to a pot. The seedling has been numbered and if it performs well next year, in the soil as well as in a pot, then we will name it and register it with the KAVB, but it is important to trial any potential new introduction before registering and releasing it.

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