Friday, 31 July 2009

It's all flawed

Wildly inaccurate forecasts by the UK Met Office for this summer have caused a total rethink on our part at Claines Canna.

The Met Office is one of the most devout peddlers of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) man-made climate change theory (exaggerated by the UK Stern Report) which predicted 2-5 degrees Celsius rises in temperatures for 40 to 90 years ahead. However, Nicholas Stern in the government bible drops reference to the 90 years and sticks with the 40 years, presumably so that it all seems more urgent and desperate.

The truth is that it is not happening and despite the largest rises in man-made carbon dioxide emissions over the past twenty years; here we are now in 2009 with no warming for ten years.

Even the Met Office has had to confess that average global temperature has not risen for a decade, despite its subscribing to the IPCC predictions that runaway global warming would be upon us at the start of the new millennium.

The IPCC, an expensive international bureaucracy, established to promote the man-made (anthropogenic) climate change (global warming) theory runs multi-million dollar models to try to predict the temperatures in the future. These have been fatally flawed by independent climatologists and atmospheric physicists, yet still a large gullible section of the public swallows all the hype and the government propaganda ably aided by local councils and goes on to peddle the myth.

These are sad times when the Met Office, the citadel of flawed reasoning and the ‘King Canute’ theory, cannot even predict with any accuracy the temperatures for this summer in this country.

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