Thursday, 16 July 2009

40 days of rain anticipated!

Doubt has been cast on the prospects for a hot and sunny British summer after it rained heavily across the country yesterday - St Swithin's Day.

Tradition holds that if it rains on July 15 it will do so for the next 40 days.

People were forced to swap sandals and shorts for wellies and raincoats as rain hit areas across Britain and the Met Office warned of heavy showers and flash floods for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In any event, this summer is not the one we were promised by the Met Office. We had high temperatures while the rains poured down. That is not what constitutes a heat-wave, as we were promised by the Met Office! I don't believe that they have the faintest idea what they are doing, everyday the forecast for the next day alters, in fact they are forecasting by the hour!

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