Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sizzling summer IS on its way!

TEMPERATURES are set to soar this week in Worcester, England in what could be the beginning of a sizzling, if somewhat stormy, summer.

Worcester News weatherman Paul Damari said yesterday that temperatures could rise to 25 C (77F) in the city over next weekend with the warm weather staying with us into the beginning of the following week.

Mr Damari said he expected it to be a hot summer although he predicted there would also be heavy storms.

Although Mr Damari said there could be some rain tomorrow he said generally the weather for the week would be warm with temperatures rising to between 21C and 24C (70F and 75F) by Wednesday and Thursday.

He said: “There’s going to be variable amounts of cloud.

"It think it’s certainly going to be beach weather. Although we had those storms where four inches of rain, around two months rainfall, fell in one day, it does not mean the rest of the summer is going to be a washout.

"I will be very disappointed if the temperature doesn’t get in the 90s Fahrenheit (over 32C) at some stage or other this summer."

It is good to see our Cannas growing at a healthy rate, and some fine foliage has already been produced, although some poor leaves were produced during the recent stormy weather.

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  1. Hot weather AND storms. Seems like he has all bases covered then!