Monday, 1 June 2009

Cunning resident admires Claines

This picture shows a fox lounging contentedly on a garage roof in the quiet Worcester suburb of Claines.

The wild animal is so tame it is quite happy to come within a yard of residents.

The fox has been in the street since last year and has taken to lying on the roof sleeping and watching the world go by from the early hours until 9pm at night.

A resident said: “It’s great, he’s lovely. I’m a countryside person anyway, and this is the countryside coming to me.” He added there are another two foxes in the area and the three of them call to each other in the streets at night. Even the local cats are used to having the wildlife around.

He said: “I was sat watching the fox and he just went over to one of the neighbour’s cats, sat up on the wall, and started nuzzling him. We’ve got a real menagerie around here these days, with blue tits in my nesting box, hedgehogs and about a dozen frogs in the pond.”

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