Friday, 29 May 2009

Canna 'Shelley's Pride' and 'Mellow Yellow'

Canna 'Mellow Yellow'

I have had somebody in the USA writing to ask if anybody can help, "I am looking for Canna 'Shelley's Pride', which has a wonderful wide tropical leaf. I would also like to know where to get C. 'Mellow Yellow'", obviously in the US because of Phyto sanitary issues across continents.

If anybody can help then please just leave a comment on this posting... thanks in anticipation.

In the meantime the 10 day weather forecast is looking good, and so we have now totally committed ourselves to moving the collection into their outdoor summer beds. A late frost in June would be a disaster, but there is no indication of such a thing this year. The daily temperature drop is a touch worrying, but there is no indication of severe weather following this graph, and the overnight temperatures stay relatively stable during the forecasted period.

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  1. Well, thank you for posting this! I was surprised to see my question.

    Shelly's Pride may actually be called Shelly's Pink. Yucca Doo Nursery says it is a sport Canna Ehemanni. Alice of Karchesky Canna thinks it may actually be one and the same as Ehemanni. Thanks to anyone that who can tell me where to buy Shelly's Pink or Mellow Yellow here in the U.S.

    Don Voss in St. Charles, Missouri