Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Weather in England improves

The weather freeze is now over and the weather forecast shows the next 10 days will be frost-free in our area.

Over the weather freeze the Canna parcels at Claines Canna had built up in the spare room, as we prefer not to post frost-tender Cannas during freezing weather. If the Canna material has to stand overnight in unheated vans or warehouses, then there is a high likelihood of frost damage. This has happened to me several times as a buyer, and it is distressing to open a parcel to see a mess of black mush looking back at you... but what a relief to have the room back again!

In the meantime, the collection lies in the ground inside polytunnels and protected by a layer of fleece. In the next few weeks we should see the surviving plants pushing up new shoots, and then we will start to get spring fever! Yeah!


  1. Hi there - just wondering if you're actually Claines Canna!?! Sorry for the stupid question, but you said 'here at...' so I assume that you're the owner of CC? Great to see an owner of a nursery blogging so enthusiastically, and I'm hoping to buy some stuff from you in the next month or two!!

  2. Cannas have suffered from a lack of support for almost a hundred years.

    Currently, we enthusiasts are just trying to get people Canna aware!