Saturday, 31 January 2009

Russian snow on its way to UK

Batten down the hatches, turn up the heating and pull on your long-johns... Brrritain is about to get a dumping of Russian snow.

In the UK the temperatures are already starting to drop after the recent mild weather but the country still has a few day's grace before Baltic winds come whistling down the chimney.

The chills will start in earnest on Sunday and the bulk of the snow is expected to fall over eastern parts of England and Scotland. But the white stuff could spread as far as the Irish Sea.

Overnight temperatures could plunge to as low as -6C (21F) in some regions and the mercury might struggle to get above 0C at all on Monday.

Sky News weather presenter Jo Wheeler said: "Snowfall from the east tends to hang around longer than when it comes from the west. We should be on standby."

"It is too early to tell exactly which areas will be affected - this depends on wind direction," Wheeler added.

This has been the coldest winter for 13 years, with the UK battered by winds, snow and temperatures as low as -13C (8.6F) at times. It has not been this chilly since 1995, when temperatures reached -27.2C (-17F), matching the existing record for the lowest UK temperature.

The inability to do any real work outside is starting to become frustrating and each freeze increases the chances of damage to our collections stock plants even when protected by being in the ground, covered in fleece and inside a polytunnel. The only constructive work that I can find to do at the moment is getting seed germination underway! See yesterdays blog for details...

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  1. Well it definitely arrived!!! Snow and ice has been causing much chaos over the past week, and we've just had another inch or two here! I just need to keep reminding myself Spring is not too far away!