Thursday, 29 January 2009

No Cannas Growing in temperate USA

Alice Harris of Karchesky Canna, PA, USA has reported that she is now experiencing even more severe weather conditions, yet another round of cold, snow, ice, sleet... whatever Ma Nature throws out this year.

There are no Cannas growing outside here right now, joked Alice.

The picture is of the road outside Alice's premises, just as the bad stuff started again the day before yesterday.

Alice commented that all the hot climate canna folks will probably enjoy the novelty, but those of us who are cold climate growers can relate and sympathize.

I agree with Alice, normally at this time of the year I can be turning over growing beds and fertilizing, even if I have to wear thermal underwear (too much information), but this year the weather is leaving us trapped indoors, just hoping that the cold will not get to the stored stock plant Cannas.

Karchesky Cannas

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