Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Hide that junk.

Just like to share this solution for hiding a pile of junk stashed in a rellies backyard corner. Spotted yesterday whilst imbibing some Christmas cheer in northern Victoria, Australia.

Canna 'Wyoming', one of the Italian-type cannas raised in the USA by Luther Burbank, and released in Australia in 1911, is truly magnificent when well grown. Pictured here, it provides an effective screen for an old car awaiting restoration for the past five years. Who knows, it could even save a marriage! The rest of the yard was immaculate and groomed to within an inch of its life.

These flowers gave me a crick in my neck trying to photograph them up close. They were at least 3 metres (
10 feet) tall and we are only in the early part of our Canna season.

This stand receives no manuring and only occasional watering in our long hot summers. The rhizomes have never been lifted or divided but remain in situ year in, year out, as is the custom in our equable climate.

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