Friday, 5 September 2008

Heavy rainfall and strong winds are sweeping across Britain, bringing the risk of flooding.

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for Wales and most parts of England.

Some areas could experience the equivalent of more than two weeks of rainfall in 24 hours.

The Environment Agency says there are 26 flood warnings currently in force in south and west Wales and the south-west of England, two of them severe.

There are 48 flood watches in England and Wales and one in Scotland.

Here we are on the 5th September, still summer, and we can do nothing at all to help our Canna collection. Every single flower has been thrashed, foliage is ripped, or still unfurled days after it should have uncoiled, and still no seed ready for harvest.

This year is even crazier than the last, and the so-called experts are yabbering away about global warming!

I think that I might start building an ark over the winter ready for next year, when I'll march the Cannas up the gang plank 2x2!

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