Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Awful August worst on record!

Last month was the dullest August in the UK since records began in 1929, the Met Office has confirmed.

There were just 105.5 hours of sunshine, far less than the average for the month of 165.1 hours.

This August was also the fifth wettest on record with 139.8mm (5.5in) of rain falling, causing floods in some areas, caused by high pressure around the Azores which usually brings warmer, brighter weather to Britain in the summer simply having not materialized this year.

But the Met Office said forecasters expected autumn temperatures to be above average while rainfall would be below average.

We saw it with our own eyes, as our Cannas struggled to produce quality foliage, many not having the energy to unfurl themselves, and so few flowers that we still have not harvested any seed this year. Nevertheless, there is comfort in knowing that we may have some decent weather in the weeks ahead.

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