Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Claines Canna Collection - August 2008

So, where are we now? We had a disastrous year in 2007, and we ended the year in total disarray. We had bad foliage everywhere, and we had no way of knowing what was affected by virus and what was just suffering from lack of light and decent growing conditions.

This picture, taken 4th August 2008 shows the collection growing in reasonable conditions, as each leaf is grown out they are better and better. Initially the Cannas were dependent on the energy stored in the rhizomes, and we saw bad foliage and poor growth. However, as the sun shone and the roots ventured into the richer surrounding soil we gradually saw the plants change from being pressurized victims into flamboyant sub-tropical specimens.

It is now so clear to us, that 90% of the problems perceived in Cannas are directly attributable to trying to grow tropical and sub-tropical specimens in a temperate climate. The stress symptoms they display sometimes look like some of the Canna Virus's. However, by just growing them out in the best conditions you can provide, you will establish whether your plants have virus or are stressed sub-tropicals trying to make it in a temperate climate!

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