Saturday, 30 August 2008

Awful August ends in tropical storm

Monsoon Britain will be lashed by 10 days worth of rain in just 24 hours tomorrow as the miserable summer ends with a bang.

Forecasters warned of a “severe weather event”, with thunderstorms and torrential downpours hitting a large swathe of the country.

The UK will pay for today’s heatwave, when temperatures are set to reach 81F (27C) from southern England up to the Midlands. The Met Office predicted the “severe event” would affect eastern England and eastern Scotland during tomorrow.

It said: “Heavy showers and thunderstorms will break out during the day. There are likely to be some very heavy downpours in places during the afternoon and evening. The wet summer could end with a bang. Up to 30mm – more than an inch – of rain could fall in a short time in some areas, with the potential for local flooding.”

So much an Indian summer to give us some sort of pleasure from the summer months, although we have not had the flooding we experienced last year, the lack of UV rays has meant a poor years growth from our Cannas, and very poor flowering. I am going to groom them today, and help unwind the dozens of leaves that have become stuck, as the plants do not have the energy to unwind the leaves themselves.


  1. One thing I have noticed about the weather forecasts Malcolm is that they are dreadful! I have not seen a single accurate forecast from the Met Office since I have been here, not one! In-fact they are so poor at forecasting that the forecast I get late evening is never the same first thing in the morning, and even that one is never right! It's the same thing as them telling us all the time about global warming, yet the planet has cooled! They talk about long hot dry summers yet it rains all the time, looks and sounds like they have no real clue what is happening....

  2. Yes, I couldn't agree more with you. I think that after the unprepared for flooding last year we have seen a change. Being a small island the British weather has always been difficult to predict, but, as you say, the predictions are changing continually and even short term ones are not always accurate. I suspect that it will not improve.