Saturday, 12 July 2008

That's why there's no growth!

In repsonse to my request yesterday for ideas why we have experienced little growth in our Cannas, Nick Broughton wrote to state that "In my experience, and that of some nurserymen I know who grow cannas, they do not get into serious growth until minimum night-time temperatures are consistently 10C or above, virtually irrespective of how warm the days. Growth is modest or non-existent if minima at nights are regularly below 8C. So far this year, night-time minimum temperatures from May here in Norwich, England have been variable and often below 8C."

So, I looked back at the last months predictions, and by Jove it looks like Nick is right! Thank you for sharing that knowledge with us. Tonight is predicted at 8C, then onwards we have nightly temperatures averaging about 13C.

We have had very few nights so far here in Worcestershire where temperatures exceeded 10C. This is another factoid that needs to enter the ever-growing Canna virtual cyclopedia!

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