Thursday, 10 July 2008

Floods on their way again

Parts of Britain were deluged by nearly a month's rainfall in just a few hours today as freak summer weather brought chaos across the country.

Downpours sparked flood warnings nationwide as forecasters predicted nearly two inches of rain in the worst-affected areas.

South west England, the south west Midlands, where we live, and south east Wales are expected to suffer the heaviest rainfall, and flood warnings have also been issued in Devon.

The Environment Agency has warned that residents living near the Rivers Tamar, Torridge and Walden face likely flooding of their homes and businesses.

Other parts of south west England and the Thames region have been put on flood watch and warned to expect flooding of low-lying land and roads.

With weather experts warning that a summer monsoon season was now part of the UK weather pattern, it looks like it will become harder to grown tropical and sub-tropical plants in this climate. Plants need light, and weeks on end of rain means no sunlight during that period.

Let's try and be philosophical about this latest weather outrage... we don't have to do any watering!

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