Friday, 13 June 2008

Musifolia Group Definition

Canna 'Musaefolia Rubra'

A first-cut at defining what constitutes a Musifolia Group cultivar.

"A cultivar that would also qualify as a member of the Foliage Group, but which has foliage that is truly Banana-like, and not just 'similar' to the Musa family. It must also be similar to the Banana in size and general conformation."

How does that sound as a starting point, and can anybody come up with improvements?

1 comment:

  1. Seems a bit lengthy Malcolm. "Habit" might be a better term than "conformation". I judge a horse's conformation but a plant's habit when assessing either.

    The size bit is also a worry as I grow small Musa that do not exceed 4-5 feet as well as the big ones like Cavendish that might reach 20 feet high. Then I grow the Ensete genus which also resemble Musa and these Musifolia Group Canna cultivars......

    Can you see my eyeballs rolling back in my head?

    I also have one of these Musifolia Group cultivars that only grows to about 5-7 feet (the old Bendigo Banana foundling).

    Which 'nanas did you have in mind?

    So-o, it would appear that the definition you offer might need to be even longer to eliminate confusion!!!

    Not terribly constructive comments I know. Forgive pls. It's past the witching hour Downunder.