Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Another summer washout on it's way!

Britain is set for a Mediterranean-beating June - but forecasters warn that July and August will be a wet washout. The picture on the right recalls the flooding in Worcestershire during last summer.

Meteorologists predict that some days in June will see the temperatures in Britain top the Med's average of 80F or 26C - with the North in particular looking forward to a month of warm summer weather.

However make the most of it, because July and August is set to be cool and wet, meaning sunseekers will have to look abroad to keep their tans topped up.

Met Office spokesman Dave Britten said June would be 'as good as it's going to get and we're not expecting it to get any hotter. Although it is unlikely to be as wet as the previous two years.'

Looks a bit bleak for those growing tropical and sub-tropical plants, and wasn't this supposed to be global warming and not global wetting?

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