Friday, 23 May 2008

We are going for it!

Subject to no bad weather forecast between now and Saturday morning, at Claines Canna we will begin moving the Cannas from their winter home into the open Canna beds on Saturday. This coincides with a Public Holiday on Monday, and so gives us 3 days to do the whole job. The weather forecast for the weekend looks promising as well.

Whether we will manage to dig up and transplant all of the 200 plus plants in the collection is questionable. We have never been so well organized before, and previously we had to move plants from all over to bring the collection together, but this year it is just a case of moving them 20 yards, and so we will gain a measure of how much work is involved and how long it will take.

The Canna beds have been weeded, dug and fertilized and look splendid, just waiting for the collection to emerge and grace it once again. I have to give credit to Honda for the state of the beds. Last year I treated myself to an expensive birthday present and bought a Honda tiller. It is a splendid piece of machinery, and has made the maintenance of the beds and our vegetable gardens a treat, rather than the hard work that it used to be.

The machine is the Honda FG110 0.86hp Tiller, and comes highly recommended. I am more pleased and excited about this piece of machinery, than any new car I've bought in the last 20 years!

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