Saturday, 17 May 2008

Too much weather!

In England when the topic of conversation turns to the weather, people will often state the problem as being, "Too much weather and not enough climate!"

Being a small island in a vast ocean the British Isles are subject to continual changes in wind direction, and that results in the "too much weather " syndrome. In large continents the wind will stay in a single predominant direction for weeks or months, providing a climate that can be predicted quite far ahead.

To illustrate the problems experienced in England I have shown two graphs showing predicted temperatures just 10 days ahead. The graphs are taken from consecutive days, but you will notice how much different they are too each other.

Forecast made 15 May 2008

Forecast made 16 May 2008

Now you can see what we gardeners have to contend with in England! Weather uncertainty is always with us, and a little more climate would be welcomed!

As far as using these predictions to decide whether to start moving the Claines Canna Collection from it's winter hibernation into the open ground for the summer, the conclusion is a resounding *NO*. Temperatures overnight on the next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are too low to risk moving this 200+ plant collection fully outdoors just yet. The most worrying period is around the 26th of the month, when the overnight temperatures are predicted to drop again to 6
°C. That is too low to risk the weaker survivors of the winter hibernation.

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