Sunday, 25 May 2008

Then along came the winds!

Well, we started the long trek on Saturday, and the photo shows how far we had got by the end of the day. We haven't been helped by light rain showers, but they have just been shrugged of. What dedication to our Cannas!

The along came the winds. Starting first as gusts of wind and then becoming a continuous wind at about 20mph, gusting up to 50mph!

The tender Cannas, nurtured in a polytunnel have not been prepared for these conditions, and very soon we started to loose fragile foliage. Quickly we decided to stop planting out the largest specimens and to concentrate on those that would have their feathers ruffled, but would not have their large leaves battered by the winds.

Eventually, we had planted out all suitable candidates and had to give up planting out any more. We have transplanted about 20% of the collection, and much remains to be done.

It may be that for the first time ever we find ourselves into next month still transplanting the collection. Transplanting in June is totally unheard of, but these winds at this time of the year are also unheard of previously as well.

And they still try to convince us that nothing is wrong with the climate!

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