Friday, 30 May 2008

Let's have another try!

With an improvement to the weather forecast we feel ready to make another attempt at transferring the collection from their indoor growing environment to the outdoor canna beds. We will start the transplanting today.

Canna 'A. Eisenbarth', one of those lost to the collection this winter.

In the meantime, the damage done to the plants already transplanted outdoors is quite serious. Good, large foliage has been ripped of by high winds, and foliage that has started to unfold in the last few days has shown serious stress; when up to then, safe in the winter polytunnel, there had been nothing but good foliage. Just a week in extreme storm conditions has subjected those plants to a high level of stress. These are tropical and sub-tropical plants that cannot easily withstand the extremes of an erratic, northern climate being interfered with by external circumstances.

We will keep regulars informed of progress.

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