Saturday, 10 May 2008

Introducing Canna 'Apricot Butterfly'

From Bernard Yorke in Australia comes details of yet another new Australian Group cultivar, again a descendant of Canna 'Red Stripe’.

This one has green foliage, as can be seen in the photograph, and the leaves are quite long and wide, plants grow quite easily to 2 metres with masses of lush foliage and long sprays of small apricot blooms. The seed pods are very large and round, with the seed itself being extra large as well.

Bernard states that this is a good one as a parent plant for future hybridization, but I find those large apricot spikes so appealing that I think it could become a firm favourite in its own right.

Cannas by Bernard Yorke

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  1. PLEASE, Someone tell me where to purchase Apricot Butterfly in the U.S. A tropical looking beauty. It would be nice if sources were listed. This is a fantastic blog...well done.

    Thank you!