Monday, 19 May 2008

Bug Clear Ultra

Countries in the EU have taken a hard-line on the use of chemicals for agriculture and horticulture and many products have been taken of the market. This has made it difficult to find a good systemic spray that is effective for a large number of problems.

However, I am informed that there is a new EU approved systemic insecticide on the market, based upon a chemical called acetamiprid. It's been about in the commercial world for a little over eighteen months and my informants company tried it last year.

He reports that "Its very good against aphids(green and black), and supposed to be equally effective against white fly, scale and mealy bugs. Has no recommendation for spider mites, only a useful control of thrips, and the juries still out about caterpillars. But having said all that it is good to have a systemic back after many years absence. I used it already and shall rotate it with the rest."

BugClear Ultra , from the Scotts Company, works in two ways:

  1. On contact - It kills pests rapidly.
  2. Systemically - It is absorbed into the plant so that it kills difficult or hidden pests as they feed (for example, scale insects on ornamental plants)

At Claines Canna we attempt to use an organic solution whenever possible, but sometimes the use of a systemic spray is the only viable answer. It would be interesting to hear about other peoples experience of this new chemical spray.

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