Thursday, 17 April 2008

Frosts destroyed our plants again!

For the second year running we, at Claines Canna, have lost 1,000+ Canna rhizomes that I had patiently cleaned, divided and packaged ready for distribution in trades and sales. I spent many days of my life, that I will never have back again, creating these packages.

The losses were caused again by failure of our electric thermostatically controlled heaters. Last year the losses were caused by a failure in the electric supply on the coldest day of the year.

To see the labeled plastic bags full of black rotting rubbish is soul destroying, and I have had enough for this year. Sorry if we had organized trades or sales, but all we have left is the collection, and a few spares that Margaret is selling on eBay.

Right now I feel totally deflated and I I just want to concentrate on getting our collection outside growing in the soil again, intact and ready for a great year of growing.


  1. Look on the positive side, you'll have some great compost next year!

  2. I do feel for you Malcolm.

    Soon I will be sending you some things that may help in the cheering up process.


  3. Thanks anon, that really helped!

  4. Thanks Malcolm,

    Looking forward to the new ones. I still have the main one(s) you wanted safe in the collection in a separate tunnel.

  5. Sorry to read of your losses, but it does happen to the best of us!!Time to change the heaters to calor gas- much more reliable.