Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Fanfare for Horn Canna

In 1928, Frances Horn received six canna bulbs from her aunt in Arkansas, USA, and planted them in her yard. They grew so well and were so popular with neighbours that within a few years her husband, John Horn began peddling bulbs to surrounding towns in his 1925 Model 'T' Ford.

The same as today, only the very best bulbs were personally selected for Grandpa's daily sales run.

At the young age of 15, Neil J. Horn traded his parents, John and Frances Horn, a Jersey calf for the rights to the canna business. From that time forward, Horn Canna Farm has grown to over 120 acres and 20 varieties. Today, Horn canna bulbs are shipped throughout the United States. This achievement is the direct result of the hard work and pioneer instinct of Neil and Louise Horn. From inventing and building all the equipment used in production, to drilling and installing the first irrigation system in Caddo County, they were truly pioneers in the canna industry.

Horn Canna is now one of the world's largest Canna farmers, growing hundreds of acres devoted to Canna.

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