Saturday, 2 February 2008

Introducing Canna 'Barbara Hallman

The 2003 introductions from Mr Donnie Hallman of Deersprings Nursery, South Carolina, USA were waited for with interest, and, as usual were sold out very quickly. Amongst the new introductions was Canna 'Barbara Hallman. I think that this is the best of Mr Hallman's introductions so far.

Mr Hallman declared, "The flowers are cream with a strawberry Picotee. The foliage is medium dark, and is exceptional! This cultivar is named after my own mother. In the fall the flowers will get an overlay of strawberry streaks, giving it a peppermint candy appearance. The big flowers sometimes have trouble opening, but it is still an excellent plant. I love it! It's fertile both ways. 4' (130cm) tall "

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