Sunday, 17 February 2008

International Canna Trials 2008

Canna 'Leopardeau'

Just a quick reminder to those wanting to get involved in this new, fun event. There are only twelve days left to go, so let the organizers know what it is you are entering and think about getting the rhizomes to them before the end of the month.
Canna 'Mazurka'

The whole trial looks like being a fun-experience, with people from all continents threatening to visit! For those living in Europe, a visit in late August or early September will be a great experience.

The trial cultivars are being displayed alongside the UK National Collection, so you can see 200+ original Cannas in full-flight alongside each other. See you at the trials this summer?

The images above are just a few of the excellent entries to the trial. Visit the web site and see for yourself the high-class entries attracted to the trial.

Visit the Trial Web Site

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