Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Claines Canna Sales

At Claines Canna (Margaret and Malcolm Dalebö, relatives and friends) we have been forced to come to the conclusion that this year we are going to have to take a sabbatical from rhizome sales. The weather last summer was so bad that we are no longer certain of the the state of health of our Canna collection. So many plants produced bad foliage, much of which could be virus, but we hope it was just weather stress, and we believe we have to grow them all again this season before we can be confident of what we have.

We will never knowingly sell Canna rhizomes with virus. We cannot be sure of the health of more than a handful of plants, after last years flooding and desperate lack of sunlight. We are one of the most northerly of Canna growers and we believe that we suffered more than most.

So, we have to say sorry to everybody who has approached us about Canna sales this year. We hope that you understand that we are doing this for the right reasons, and hope to be able to present everyone with a virus-free catalogue next year.

We have published a catalogue on the Claines Canna web site, but it is for academic reasons rather than sales. It records our new cultivars for this year and the new accessions to our collection made or confirmed last year. We hope that it is of interest.

We are determined to achieve our goal of offering a virus-free catalogue next year, and this is the only way that we can achieve that goal.

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  1. I had hoped to buy some of your new varieties this year, and I am disappointed. However, I would rather have virus-free bulbs, so perhaps more sellers should be doing this before pouring virus-ridden bulbs onto the market.