Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Star of the Day 'Colibri'.

Looking particularly fine and withstanding adverse weather better than most of the pale cannas with pink spots is one that came to me as 'Colibri'.

'Colibri' is said to be synonymous with 'Confetti' and was bred by F. Lombard and released by Wilhelm Pfitzer in 1892 under the name 'Colibri'. It seems to have been renamed 'Confetti' on its import into the USA.

I have plants under both names and they are similar, but not identical. 'Colibri' being of short height with flowers well above the foliage and that I have as 'Confetti' is a dwarf grower with bigger and heavier pink spots and the flowers held just above the leaves. It's a real tiddler.

Which is the real 'Colibri'? I've no idea yet, but then I tend to have pink spotties on cream grounds coming out my ears! Maybe someone else can tell me if this really is 'Colibri'. I suspect the other might be 'Doyen Jean Libaud'.

My 'Colibri' is looking so pretty at the moment that I just had to share despite my confusion over identity.

1 comment:

  1. Dale, Colibri in French = Humingbird, I would think your is correct because of the flowers being held high above the foliage.
    Just a thought!