Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!

The Dalebo and McDonell families wish our Canna friends all over the world a very happy holiday season and, if appropriate to your beliefs, a very merry Christmas too.

May those from wintry climes keep their stored Cannas warm and dry and not have the pong of rotting rhizomes spoil their festive appetites. As you wipe the icicle from the end of your nose ---

Remember that somewhere in the world a Canna is always in bloom.

May those south of the equator find time to walk amidst their cannas now in full bloom, and give thanks for these wonderful plants that so readily reward our efforts to grow them where they were never designed to grow. May your day not be too hot to enjoy your festivities and end with much needed soaking rains. (We really are nuts to eat pud in the middle of a hot summer).

May Santa bring you all lots of well composted manure!!

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