Friday, 7 December 2007

Canna blues?

Brian Williams, a hybridiser from the USA, reported on a new seedling he grew in summer 2005. He stated that "It has been fairly odd, not to mention extremely beautiful, to watch it grow. "

First the seedling produced its first bloom, and it created great excitement, as it was a maroon purple coloured flower, very nicely formed. Next, the flower turned pinkish then red. Mr Williams was a bit concerned about this at first, but then new flowers came out the same as the first one. Finally, the seedling aged into blooms with red petals and purple looking tips.

Brian confirms that this is not a practical joke, and he confirms that the seedling really seems to have purple or some blue pigment in it. The parents of the seedling are both unnamed hybrids that Mr Williams raised last year.

[Ed. It has always been believed that Canna cultivars cannot produce blue flowers, which is why this seedling is so interesting.]

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