Thursday, 15 November 2007

The end has arrived!

That is it... our amazing escape from several predicted frosts has been brought to a resounding stop! Last night Jack Frost did not mess about! Everything that could be zapped was given the treatment. So, the challenge now becomes to get the rhizomes into frost-free conditions for the winter.

The plants grown in large pots will all be stacked, 3 tiers high with timber separators to allow for ventilation. Those dug out of the ground will be placed in black plastic sacks, open at the neck, until they can be cleaned, separated and stored in seed trays (flats for those from the USA) filled with perlite or vermiculite.

The winter is now well and truly arrived and adjusted, and the whole pace of life will slow down to a more leisurely pace, work when the weather is kind, and more visiting of friends and relatives, plus Canna research when the weather is not nice.

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