Saturday, 20 October 2007

Now the end is near!

Well, we are now facing the final curtain, for 2007 at least!

Last night the temperatures dropped to 1 degree Centigrade, about 34 degrees Farenheit. All of the tender species succumbed, and they are just a mass of black, destroyed foliage. So, tomorrows job is to dig them up now and move them into the polytunnel, next to the central path so that they have the warmest places in the polytunnel.

We have no way of heating the main polytunnel, except for our own green approach, and we don't know if this will work. We plan to site 6 black dustbins in the polytunnel, filled with water + a little bleach to stop contamination, seal the lids on and then let them heat up during the day, and give out their heat during the night. We are not scientists, and we have no way of knowing how effective this approach will be. If anyone else has such experience or knowledge, then please give us your comments.

On the positive side, the forecast next week is for night temperature around 5 degrees, so it looks like we may get at least another week of Canna growth, before the Canna reaper arrives!

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