Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Hanging in there

It is October 24th, 2007. The weather forecasts have told us that frosts will have hit us already. Speaking on the telephone to Keith Hayward at Hart Canna (the National Canna Collection) we learn that they have already been hit by frost and have moved the collection indoors, and they are 150 miles south of us!

Here, in Worcester, we are hanging on. The tender species get zapped at 3-4 degrees centigrade and they are now safely in the poly tunnel in the background, safely ensconced for the winter. The photograph above was taken today at noon. It shows that we are still hanging in there, trying to get as much mature seed as we can. We have over a hundred cultivars that have fruit that it is not yet ripe seed. So, we are hoping for more of the final ripening of seed.

The lack of flowers over the summer, due to 2 months of continuous rain and little direct light, meant that we had few flowers, and therefore little seed. This year has been our worst year ever for seed. We may be begging seed shortly from our Canna friends around the world! In the meantime we are waiting expectantly, as long as the overnight temperatures allow.

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