Monday, 13 August 2007

Summer arrives

Three weeks on from our intrepid encounter with floods we can look forward to some pleasure from our Cannas again. The nursing we gave them has worked and they are now on the mend, other than a few badly damaged specimens that are now in the poly tunnel and getting TLC treatment.

Much of the foliage that looked as though it had terrible virus is now looking good, and surprisingly many leaves have lost that virus look and are now looking fresh and green. I thought that it would only be the new leaves that would be clear of blemish, but obviously, as the light conditions improved and nature's light-converting engine chugged into action, so the leaves became greener and fresher. Many new shoots have popped up and there is perceivable height growth as well.

Those Cannas are as tough as old boots! The vegetable garden was destroyed by the heavy rainfall and low light levels, but Cannas survived it and are now flourishing again. The manufacturers of Q4 and Miracle Gro get our endorsments for their fine products.

The weather forecast for tonight? Gale force winds and torrential rain. So, perhaps that three weeks was the summer!

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